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  • LISA


    So distinguished. the size of the spoons & forks are so different from what I had before, I wasn't sure I'd like them. I don't. I love them!

  • Tammy


    Bought previously 20 years ago the set was stolen I was thrilled to be able to order another set

  • c


    Excellent quality and price

  • Danya


    Love this flatware! Very modern design and very sturdy.

  • Kiki


    Who would have thought that I would find an absolutely perfect flatware pattern at Wal-Mart? More than 15 years ago, I bought a couple of 4-setting boxes (plus a matching box of 8 coffee spoons-please bring them back!) and have been using them since. They're indestructible, and so beautiful! The spoons, in particular, are masterpieces of design. After all these years I still find myself noticing the design with a smile.

    I've recommended Gourmet settings many times over the years.

  • Stephanie


    I cannot say enough about how GREAT the LOFT flatware is! Ive had this for over 15 years. It's been through 5 children and a lot of meals.:-). After all this time it is still my favorite flatware set! I get many compliments on how they are sleek and heavy duty but not too much...just perfect! I just ordered two new sets to make tertian I will have these for a long time!

  • Andrea Young


    Love the simple elegant design of my pieces.

  • Debbie


    I’ve had a set of 8 for nearly 20 years. They go in my dishwasher all the time and have survived 5 kids without looking any worse for wear. I’m so sad that somehow I am missing a dinner knife. I will be ordering here to replace it. I also have the serving utensils. They are lovely. I absolutely adore the timeless classiness of this set. You need nothing else if you have these. They are beautiful and truly last forever!!! LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH!!!!

  • Chris Porter


    I grew up with Dansk Var. 5, and while liking the simplicity and loving the matte finish, did not like the delicate nature of the setting. When I went looking for my own setting, I shopped for years before I found Loft, which is well-balanced, wonderfully simple and with a matte finish. It goes so well with my plain white dinnerware. I find Loft modern and classy, with outstanding strength for daily use.

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