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Our Process

In making flatware, we
take care at every step

Step 1: Research

To design our exclusive, award-winning patterns, our product designers do extensive research into how we eat and how we live. They know the ins and outs of dining and hosting and that flatware should be both practical and enjoyable to use.

Step 2: Design

Based on their research, our team perfects their designs. From initial sketches to more refined computer drawings and using wood or foam models, the forms and dimensions are tested and further refined.

Step 3: Prototyping

Once models have been approved, final production drawings are sent to our manufacturer and prototypes are made, which are then closely examined and tested to ensure they balance perfectly and match the rigorous design specifications.

wood and foam models created from initial sketches
our design team reviewing prototypes

Step 4: Manufacturing

About thirty detailed steps are then undertaken and carefully managed to produce our fabulous fine flatware from raw stainless steel. The basic shapes are first stamped out of stainless steel sheets, then flattened by rolling, stamped and further processed to produce the functional shape. The handles are then carefully shaped and finally our beautiful smooth, sealed surface finish is created through a number of meticulous grinding and polishing stages.

Step 5: Packaging

Our distinctive packaging is the result of close collaborations between Gourmet Settings and our graphics team at Monnet Design. We know all about how people shop and paw at packaging, that’s why our boxes are carefully developed to be beautiful and tactile as well as strong and durable. Dimensions are perfected to maximize efficiency in cargo shipping and in-store display.

Step 6: At home

We work hard at every step to make sure you bring home the very best possible product to share with your friends and family. Flatware should be beautiful, practical and affordable. We care and we mean it.


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