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  • Selia Busey


    I got these as a wedding gift 6 years ago and they have lasted longer than any other service ware I have owned They look near new and have resisted corrosion, something any other brand I have tried has not been able to do as a result of dishwasher washing with heavily chlorinated city water. I love how these just feel like high quality pieces too, and not lightweight cheap pieces. I was surprised that they did not cost more when I looked into buying more to expand the collection

  • Catherine Crane


    I have had this pattern for 10 years now (give or take 2) in a very busy household. It's been through the dishwasher many times (as well as a few times in the disposal) and it still looks great (except for a few nicks and even those haven't rusted or spotted). I also love the way my thumb falls into place and the sleek feel of it. I will be adding to my set as soon as they get more in stock.

  • Ronald Smart


    I'm a retired Architect. One of the hallmarks of our office, was clean, simple, design. I look for it, in everyday items. With the Vault pattern, I see the very best in stainless steel tableware. Every time I pick up a fork or spoon and my thumb falls in that shallow depression in the handle, or hold that knife with it's graceful curve, I think: "It couldn't be done better"

  • Hilarie Davis


    We bought 20pc set and loved it so much we bought 3 more Nice weight, and beautiful shapes - both aesthetically and ergonomically. Simple enough to be elegant with fancy china, and works with pottery too

  • Billy Stevens


    I have to say I have been looking for a set of flatware that's
    balanced well and had no luck with one that fit the bill.
    I came across Gourmet Settings and looked at the choices that were available and decide to try the Loft and the Vault, Well
    the loft was a nice set but had very square edges and I did not like that so well. I called and got 2 samples of the Vault and Wow this set is exactly what I have been looking for the wonderful curves at the end don't hurt your hand if You use the tablespoon to get ice cream

  • Carole Anne Hochstetler


    When we moved to Australia, guests at table often remarked about the balance and beauty of this pattern. Happily, I decided to order another set to add to ours, as our bouquet of friends grow.
    The finish retains its beautiful luster, blending well with various china patterns.

  • Diane Harnett


    I absolutely love this set. I use it for everyday and for special occasions. It was a great deal. I will definitely purchase from you again. I have gotten lots of compliments and would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat

  • Heather Whetsell


    Great Deal I love this set. I bought two for a service of 16, and loved it so much I bought the additional 20 piece for extras. These aren't going to break or bend. I like tableware to feel thick and heavy. They are perfectly weighted. This is a great design for everyday on the couch, or for dinner parties in the dinning room. I've gotten several compliments on the set, and I love the brushed finished. It helps hide the water spots from my hard water when I run out of rinse-aide. I love it, love it, love it

  • Karen Robinson


    I really love this set. Great value for the price. Spoons are not as shallow as in other sets which my family really appreciates. They are 'heavy', but I imagine it will hold up for years to come unlike 'cheaper' sets. You won't be bending these tines back in place with your teeth either (without losing some) Very simple design, fits contemparary as well as traditional settings. Can't go wrong with this one...unless you want a fancy frilly set with all the gaudy flourishes. I'll stick with understated elegance. Just a great buy

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