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Vault - 20 piece set

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  • Leslie Ann


    This is the best flatware. Period. We've owned our service for 12 with two hostess sets for more than 20 years. I remember buying them at Costco back during the 1990's. I'm shocked yet grateful that this pattern still available and hasn't been permanently discontinued after all these years. The style is perfect for my minimalist personality, and I love how sturdy and durable the pieces are.

  • Amy Anderson


    So far loving our set Looks great

  • Rhys Fernandez


    This product is not as good what Ive brought in the past. In the past the quality and the gauge were thicker. I can bend these ones with my fingers, but the past versions of the same model were built thicker and much better.
    If this is your first purchase with GS then you wont be able to tell the difference and its a great product otherwise

  • Diane Gaudaur


    Beautiful product. I have several GS products and they are of the highest quality.

  • Keith Whitfield


    As newly weds, we bought this set of flatware right about 10 years ago now. They have survived our two growing children, front yard play, dishwashers, garbage disposals and still look like we just opened them. Amazing We would not and do not give reviews to products unless they are either not worth anyone's time or if we feel like everyone should own a set. You will not be sorry purchasing this flatware. We have even emailed the company when a couple pieces went missing and they sent us out the replacements so fast we didn't get the chance to miss them. Thank you very much and we will continue to buy from you for us and all our friends and family.

  • Evelyn Granacki


    My husband and I were initially attracted to the Vault collection because of its sleek classically modern design-- subsequently, we were delightfully surprised by its sculptural feel in the hand as well as its durability We had lost a piece or two and so were happy to see that it's back in stock-- we bought two sets recently so that we won't be without Vault in the foreseeable future. Hats off to "Gourmet Settings" for its products and impeccable customer service-- "Jane", one of their customer service representatives has been extraordinarily helpful.

  • Martin Fox


    Just received additional sets from the Vault collection. Believe it or not, we got an 8 pc set with the "hostess set" at a garage sale a few years ago and love them. We tried to add to them, but they've been on backorder for over a year and just came out again. Wow What's amazing is how great they look next to brand new ones. New and old match perfect. Even after years through the dishwasher and besides, we got them used Simple things in life,,, flatware.
    You will love this set for a long time.

  • Selia Busey


    I got these as a wedding gift 6 years ago and they have lasted longer than any other service ware I have owned They look near new and have resisted corrosion, something any other brand I have tried has not been able to do as a result of dishwasher washing with heavily chlorinated city water. I love how these just feel like high quality pieces too, and not lightweight cheap pieces. I was surprised that they did not cost more when I looked into buying more to expand the collection

  • Catherine Crane


    I have had this pattern for 10 years now (give or take 2) in a very busy household. It's been through the dishwasher many times (as well as a few times in the disposal) and it still looks great (except for a few nicks and even those haven't rusted or spotted). I also love the way my thumb falls into place and the sleek feel of it. I will be adding to my set as soon as they get more in stock.

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