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  • Virginia Thomas


    I have been using this flatware at least 10 years and 2 families. The only problem I have had is needing to replace lost pieces - finding replacement soup spoons and salad forks is impossible and I have had to buy entire sets. An indicator of how well these items wear is that new items blend in with older pieces almost seamlessly, unless you accidently get the redesigned dinner knife (which I do not like). I am totally satisfied with this product and will continue to use it for casual dining in my home.

  • Marie Rathvon


    Love this flatware It's so sturdy and feels great in your hands. It doesn't bend or chip. Ours have fallen in the garbage disposal and still come out looking perfect. We're buying another house and this will be the flatware in both places

  • Jennifer Brown


    My mom bought me the 8 place setting that came with the 5 serving utensils from Costco about 10 years ago. When she comes over for dinner she comments on how good the look and how the weight,shape and size are perfect

  • carol Haslam


    lovely ~

  • Jennifer Colodney


    This was my first (and only) daily flatware set. I purchased it just before graduating college. It lived beautifully through single life in two apartments, being a newlywed and now as a family of four. With more mouths to feed, I just ordered an additional service for eight. This set is fantastic. It is used daily, run through the dishwasher at least twice weekly, occasionally dropped and still looks perfect. I get compliments whenever we entertain. I have the serving spoons/forks also and just ordered more of those as well. LOVE this set

  • Charles Petersen


    Believe it or not, this set received a compliment by one of our dinner guests It is a very elegant and simple design. One thing about this set is its strength--you cannot bend these, even when scooping out hard ice cream Pleased.

  • John Holst


    We bought the serving for 8 set of this, I don't remember how many years ago. But it has held up incredibly well over the years. The only bad thing is some long-term houseguests of ours managed to throw away several of the small forks and spoons when they lived with us, but because we love the set so much, I just ordered 2 additional sets plus some more of the serving spoons and forks. Best flatware set we've ever owned, and that I've ever used.

  • Kelly Sirginnis


    Ten years ago, I bought eight place settings of this flatware. My family has used it daily. It has stood up to countless rounds in the dishwasher, being dropped on tile floors and general toddler abuse. None of the pieces are bent, tarnished or scratched

  • Crystal Bashline


    I have had a set for the last seven years and liked it so much I ordered an additional service for 4. They stand up well to the dishwasher and have not bent or anything else even with heavy everyday use. I would certainly say they are the best.

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