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  • Stephen


    I’ve had my set of Beam flatware for going on 16 years and its truly stood the test of time. I bought the set when I first joined the military and it’s been all over the world with me. I just dropped by to see if there were sugar spoons sold separately for espresso as I find that I need coffee more and more these days :). You can’t go wrong with this set!

  • Barry Saltzman


    We have loved our Beam flatware. It has served us well. We love the simple contemporary lines and the finish. The weight and balance of this flatware is just perfect and rather than try to select a new set, we decided to add to our current set to replace some missing pieces. Anna in Customer Service was very helpful.

  • Miranda Hannam


    Great durability, non cheap feeling.

  • Amanda Beckler


    I have been using my Beam flatware for just over a year now and have been completely happy with it. I love the durability and strength-I won't be accidentally bending a spoon anytime soon I chose this set because I couldn't seem to find flatware that was clean and uncomplicated but didn't feel too "fancy" for a weeknight dinner. I plan to purchase more place settings, as well as the hostess set soon.

  • Tina Fermin


    This is the 10th year that my family has been using our Beam set. Its quality has remained the same after all these years of everyday use. I love the feel and weight of these flatwares. I'm on this site to fill my set as many years of use have made some pieces disappear. I am happy to complete my set and excited to use it for another 10 years - maybe 20

  • Christina Hoeltge


    I just purchased the Beam 45-piece set in July '09, and I absolutely love it. The weight of the silverware is just right, not too light to where the silverware will bend, and not too heavy. So far, I've only handwashed these, and only had 1 rust spot show up, which was small, and I was able to remove with a scrubber. Overall , very pleased.

  • Joe Chiaramonte


    I purchased a Beam 45-piece set in 2004, and I wanted to add a few settings. I found the special price Gourmet Settings offered and bought four more settings. I was amazed by the lack of any noticeable difference between the brand new setting pieces and the five-year-old pieces which had been in daily use. Incredible durability

  • Karen Kent


    My family truly enjoys this flatware set. I will purchase this again and send it as a gift to others, the quality and price is fantastic.

  • Roxanne Martinez


    I adore my flatware set but unfortunately my roommates have managed to lose all my dinner forks.

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