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Cami - 20 piece set

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  • Gail Royal


    Love it. Everything about it. The feel. The weight.

  • Tamara Kitic


    I love my set, classy and great quality with amazing price.

  • Ana Heindl


    Great quality Very happy with the purchase

  • Kenneth Simpson


    Really enjoying my Cami 52 piece set ,looking to expand, due to dishwasher cycle ,as they come out so sparkling clean . also Christmas is come and Daughter is hinting she would like a set, and so is my house cleaner. Everyone likes and remarks about my set .

  • felicia green


    Purchased a third set to make settings for 12. I like the modern design and feel. I am quite pleased with this product.



    Bought the last Cami pattern setting at Costco. Absolutely love the look, weight and style. Definitely 5 star. So happy to know that I can go online through Gourmet settings and get another set as wanted two sets. Looked all over for a flat ware set that I liked and loved this pattern. Great boxing week deals also so time to shop for next Christmas gifts.
    Thank you Gourmet Settings,

  • George Moffat


    Bought the 65-piece set in Costco, Mission Viejo, California around 12 weeks ago. Beautiful design and perfect weight. Sadly, there are now many rust spots on a lot of the pieces--particularly the knives which are really bad. Sadly, I'm going to have to return them which is a shame because I really like them.

  • Michael Parker-Sperry


    We just bought our 65pc set at Cosco in Danvers, MA - WOW what a great find Love the heaviness of the placesettings as well as the "rounded" knife end. GREAT

  • Kristine Mooney


    Longtime Gourmet Settings fan here, needing something contemporary for a coastal condo. Ordered Park Matte (matte Carry On) but the pieces seemed so small compared to my beloved Silver Hearts. Called Customer Service about exchanging for Cami. Learned that the 'Continental' styles tend to be larger. And that Costco has Cami and Diva on special: 12 places and serving pieces. Went for a look and bought both So did anybody in earshot. Great deal.

    Both sets are gorgeous: balanced and sturdy, with beautiful lines. BTW, the photo looks matte, but Cami is polished and shiney.

    I didn't think I could be any more of a GS fan. Service and product are both outstanding. Thanks

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