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​How to Set The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

2018 Nov 2nd

Whether you’re hosting a big crowd or just a few friends and family members, we’ve rounded up all of the things you’ll need to help make sure your holiday table setting goes off without a hitch.

First, consider layering the aesthetics as an effortless approach to tying your look together. Start with a simple base and layer in items using different materials. For example, set the tone with an elegant gold or rustic silver flatware, add in a touch of country-chic with linen napkins and table runner, opt for ceramic for a simple plate, and lastly, choose tall stem wine glasses for the classic drinkware.


Bring out that special set of flatware you save for the holidays and special occasions. This is their time to shine. Now remember, forks go on the left, spoons and knives on the right and the teaspoon at the top. They should be placed in the order in which they will be used, with the first utensil on the far end from the plate, the second utensil closer toward the plate, and so on. Knife blades should be turned toward the plate. It doesn’t have to be the most formal setting, although it must be functional.


To show off your drool worthy flatware set, place napkins on top of the entrée plates, as opposed to underneath the flatware, making a fancy masterpiece fold. We suggest you avoid placing the napkin in a glass as this gives it a corporate hotel-style feel. The key is to encourage a cozy and welcoming vibe. Tie in your table theme with colour coordinated napkins, you can even incorporate linen napkins to go that extra mile.

Table Runner

Center your runner down the length of the table or place two side by side for a contemporary look. The runner should hang over the edge around 6" on both sides, or simply use atop a buffet or hutch table. Have fun with the colour and try to compliment existing serving pieces.


Here is where the B and D rule come into play. Bread on the left, drinks on the right. The side plate accompanies the bread to the left of the place setting. If the first course is a cold one, such as a salad, set the dish at each place before guests sit. Neutral or bold dishes, the appearance of a matched set will make your tablescape more refined. For a touch of glamour, add gold-rimmed dessert or salad plates.


Tall or stemless glasses, always follow the rule of thumb: If there is one wine glass, place it at the top right of the plate. If there is more than one glass, arrange them in the order they will be used, outermost first. Bring liqueur glasses or brandy balloons to the table with the liqueurs. Pour, enjoy, repeat.

Place Cards

Using place cards avoids awkward moments when guests seat themselves and eliminates the headache of everyone playing musical chairs when you sit down for dinner. Plus, a fun name card, like writing each name in calligraphy on a little sugar pumpkin, will make guests feel special.


Small pumpkins or pinecones can add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving table, although an overwhelming amount can take away from the fabulous feast you’ve planned. Choose theme appropriate fragrant candles and keep a low centerpiece, this way guests can see each other and there is plenty of room to place the food.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!

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