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Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Flatware

2018 Oct 18th

Choosing the perfect set of flatware that not only looks good but also feels good in your hand is a complex decision and highly personal. So how do you decide? Stainless steel versus silver plated? Matching patterns? Is weight important? Read on for our tips on choosing the perfect flatware set that exudes style while feeling comfortable and pleasant to use.

Balance 20 Piece Set. US $59.99

Stainless Steel Or Silver Plated Flatware?

Strong and durable, stainless steel is a fantastic metal for flatware. It is low maintenance, hygienic, durable, resists oxidation at high temperatures, will not rust and is resistant to stains and damage from fruit acids.

Silver plated flatware is hard and durable like stainless steel and is often a more affordable option. 

Our advice: Both options will work well. Find the pattern that you like best and don't worry about the rest. At we offer an industry leading 25-year Warranty on every item we sell. So no matter what the materials you choose we have got you covered!

TWIST 20 Piece Set. US $89.99

Chromium and Nickel Percentages

High grade 18/10 stainless steel is the highest quality composition for flatware. The number 18 represents the percentage of chromium, while the 10 percent is nickel. Chromium is the element that works to rustproof the flatware while nickel gives the flatware its sparkle and luster, adding to the steel's resistance to corrosion.

Though 18/10 is the highest grade of stainless steel flatware, compositions of 18/0, which has a negligible amount of nickel, are also a suitable composition. But keep in mind it is prone to rust and will most likely have a shorter life span.

Our advice: When possible look for flatware with a 18/10 composition.

Weight Is Important

Many people don't realize that weight plays an important role in choosing flatware. Weight provides you with a more substantial feel, allowing for balance, strength, and durability. 

Our advice: When possible test the flatware to see how it feels in your hand.

4 Piece Knife Set. US $39.99

Matching Your Flatware To Your China

There are your superhero hosts that wouldn't dare have flatware that didn't perfectly match their china pattern. And then there are your practical users who push this to the side and go for a more funky feel. The truth is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to matching your stainless steel flatware to your china pattern. It is a personal choice that relates more to your style than a specific rule. 

With this being said, matching flatware and china gives a more formal feel to a dinner party. Whereas, not matching your china and flatware adds a little more personal style to the look of your table, just like mixing and matching your clothes defines your personal style. It all comes down to the look you prefer. Have fun with it!

Our advice: Don't let anyone tell you what looks good. Find your own style and be confident.

Nouveau 45 Piece Set. US $170.00

Stock Your Kitchen

Our best advice is to start with as many place settings of flatware as you have in dinnerware. Typically 4-5 piece place settings are a fit for a starting family or 20-45 piece setting for large families and hosting alike. You might also wish to add extra forks and spoons to get you through coffee and dessert.

Which Flatware set best describes your style? Let us know in the comments below!

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