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Treble Clef
(TREBLECLEF) Treble Clef
(TREBLECLEF) Treble Clef (TREBLECLEF) Treble Clef (TREBLECLEF) Treble Clef
customer rating 4.8/5
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Number of Reviews: 10

  • 2014-12-18
I bought this set over 10 years ago and still have them and love them. We use them everyday and they still look great. I always get compliments when guests see them.

  • Doris
  • 2014-11-15
    St. John's, NL
I bought these because they look different and go with any table setting. I just love them - and they are dishwasher safe too

  • Nicole
  • 2014-04-14
    Miami, FL
It is unique and makes the table appealing and give a lot of style to any personality

  • Anne
  • 2014-02-17
    Perth Road Village, ON
I love them more than anyone should love flatware, LOL

  • Diane
  • 2014-01-01
I have had this set for several years and it's good as new So cool and so different. I get many compliments on it and it just makes any setting looking extra special. This is my everyday set, in addition to special meals. I have two other sets to use also - you can never have enough.

  • 2013-12-28
I found 1 set at homegoods and decided to order 2 more from gourment settings. Love the style and so did my guests for christmas dinner. The only complaint that I have for gourmet settings is that they do not tell you that there is a $4.97 foreign delivery charge. I know that the amount is not much but they fail to tell you and it just shows up on your credit card statement. I live in the U.S. and their return address is California so why do I get charged a foreign delivery charge???

  • Bonnie
  • 2013-09-04
    Dayton, TN
I love this flatware. It is heavy and substantial as well as unusual and attractive. I have gotten a lot of compliments when serving with this set. They wash well and I would recommend using this brand.

  • bob
  • 2013-04-21
    concord, MA
Just purchased this set and couldn't be more pleased. It goes well with our everyday dishes as well as our fine china. The artistic handcrafted quality and appearance is a perfect fit for our arts craft decor.

  • Kat
  • 2013-04-15
    Phoenix, AZ
I bought this set and all of the pieces that go with it including the hostess set and the mini cocktail pieces. I absolutely love it The quality is outstanding My set was missing the large tablespoon so instead of returning the silverware set I called the number on the home page of this site and spoke with a lovely woman who didn't hesitate to get my information to send me a replacement piece The customer service was prompt, polite and pleasant I am very happy with the experience from the products to the service I will recommend this company and product to everyone I know

  • Richard
  • 2013-03-08
    Kansas City, MO
I have not seen tea spoons in this pattern. How about adding this to your idea list. I will be waiting.

Treble Clef - Unique artisanal charm.
    Handmade flatware gives you that feeling that your flatware was designed especially for you. Personal, unique, warm and charming, Treble Clef flatware sets truly reflect your personality. Like the black piano keys that give a sharp, edgy sound, Treble Clef flatware's black and polished finish make it one class act. Strong and solid, Treble Clef stainless steel flatware is heat-forged to produce an amazing 8mm gauge. You'll always finish dinner on a high note because Treble Clef flatware is 100% dishwasher safe, and is guaranteed to last for 25-years. This place setting includes a 7 1/4" salad fork, 8" dinner fork, 9" dinner knife, 7 3/4" table spoon and 6 3/4" teaspoon.
  • Polished / black finish
  • Heat forged stainless steel
  • 25-year warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gauge: 8mm cylinder
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  • Treble Clef 20pc
    Service for 4
     (34-350) Treble Clef 20pc
    US $89.99
    Treble Clef 20pc
    20 piece set
    • Salad fork (7 1/4") x 4
    • Dinner fork (8") x 4
    • Dinner knife (9") x 4
    • Tablespoon (7 3/4")x 4
    • Teaspoon (6 3/4") x 4
    (34-350) Treble Clef 20pc
  • US $39.99
    Treble Clef 5 pc Hostess Set
    • Serving spoon (10 1/4")x 1
    • Sugar spoon (6") x 1
    • Slotted spoon (10 1/4") x 1
    • Butter knife (7 3/4") x 1
    • Serving fork (9 3/4)" x 1
    (34-033) Treble Clef 5 pc Hostess Set
  • $9.00 Sale Price
    You Save:
    US $12.00
    25% off - Limited time
    Treble Clef Serving Spoon
    (34-360) Treble Clef Serving Spoon
  • $9.00 Sale Price
    You Save:
    US $12.00
    25% off - Limited time
    Treble Clef Serving Fork
    (34-362) Treble Clef Serving Fork
  • $9.00 Sale Price
    You Save:
    US $12.00
    25% off - Limited time
    Treble Clef Slotted Serving Spoon
    (34-361) Treble Clef Slotted Serving Spoon
  •  (34-911) Treble Clef Cocktail Forks (4)
    US $14.99
    Treble Clef Cocktail Forks (4)
    Length = 5 1/2"
    (34-911) Treble Clef Cocktail Forks (4)
  •  (34-900) Treble Clef Minispoons (4)
    US $14.99
    Treble Clef Minispoons (4)
    Length = 5 1/2"
    (34-900) Treble Clef Minispoons (4)
  •  (34-108) Treble Clef Spreaders (4)
    US $14.99
    Treble Clef Spreaders (4)
    Length = 6 3/4"
    (34-108) Treble Clef Spreaders (4)

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