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(HOTEL) Hotel
(HOTEL) Hotel (HOTEL) Hotel (HOTEL) Hotel (HOTEL) Hotel
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Hotel - Simple, graceful pattern with a distinctively angular knife.
    Our Hotel flatware sets are a strictly 5-star affair. Its modern flatware matte finish, elegant clean lines, and distinctly angular knife design add an industrial edge to the Hotel line of stainless steel flatware. In a class of its own, Hotel stainless flatware needs no brand name to spell of its high quality -- its 3.0/2.8mm gauge speaks for itself when you see it and touch it. Restaurant flatware that you can use in your home, Hotel flatware will withstand the busiest dining room for 25-years, guaranteed. To help you enjoy hotel quality meals with your Hotel flatware 3 times a day, every day of the year, we've made it dishwasher safe. There's no need for a kitchen hand for your Hotel. This place setting includes a 6 3/4" salad fork, 8" dinner fork, 9 1/4" dinner knife, 8" table spoon and 6 3/4" teaspoon.
  • Matte finish
  • 25-year warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gauge: 3.0mm/2.0mm
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  • Hotel 20pc
    Service for 4
     (28-434) Hotel 20pc
    US $39.99
    Hotel 20pc
    20 piece set
    • Salad fork (6 3/4") x 4
    • Dinner fork (8") x 4
    • Dinner knife (9 1/4") x 4
    • Tablespoon (8") x 4
    • Teaspoon (6 3/4") x 4
    (28-434) Hotel 20pc

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