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Exotique Platinum
(EXOTIQUE) Exotique Platinum
(EXOTIQUE) Exotique Platinum (EXOTIQUE) Exotique Platinum (EXOTIQUE) Exotique Platinum
customer rating 5.0/5
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  • amy
  • 2015-04-30
I have had this setting for over 10 years now and It was the best home decision I made It is classy yet down to earth and the feel of it, ooh... it is one of a kind. So heavy, but not overwhelming, it is so nice and elegant. I have had more compliments on this flatware than I can even count. Always commenting on the weight and sleekness. I needed extra forks so I looked at other patterns in the store and nope, I'll just go back and get the Exotique forks, NOTHING has even compared to this "Exotique" pattern. We just LOVE IT ***** 11 out of 10..

  • Jean
  • 2014-09-07
    Anna Maria, FL
I hope this company continues with the same quality silverware. It's heavy classy looking feeling.

  • Renee
  • 2014-08-17
    Toronto, ON
I just purchased this set a few days ago. I was looking for something elegant, yet unique and I found it in this design. It is heavy and it is large, however I love it. It looks and feels like the quality I had been looking for. I love it

  • Karen
  • 2014-04-25
    City, ON
I purchased this flatware several years ago and still love them. They did take some getting used to as they are very large and heavy. In fact I find we never use the actual dinner forks as they are too over-sized and instead we use what is actually classified as salad forks as our dinner forks (which, yes, is a waste of forks, but I still love it)Wish I could purchase all pieces as individuals.I also picked up the little mini spoons/forks/spreaders

Exotique Platinum - Simplicity with a twist. Undeniably refined, rustic at heart.
    The most exquisite of our flatware patterns that seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with a warm rustic soul. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, Exotique Platinum flatware is the absolute embodiment of individuality. A solid yet perfectly balanced 8mm cylindrical gauge and a dishwasher safe design, brings a touch of the practical to this masterpiece flatware creation. Complete with a 25-year warranty, the Exotique Platinum stainless steel flatware range is an investment into timeless style and quality that will last a lifetime. This place setting includes a 7 3/4" salad fork, 8 1/4" dinner fork, 9 1/2" dinner knife, 8" table spoon and 7 1/2" teaspoon.
  • Polished / matte finish
  • 25-year warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gauge: 8mm cylinder
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  • Exotique Platinum 20pc
    Service for 4
     (34-406) Exotique Platinum 20pc
    US $89.99
    Exotique Platinum 20pc
    20 piece set
    • Salad fork (7 3/4") x 4
    • Dinner fork (8 1/4") x 4
    • Dinner knife (9 1/2") x 4
    • Tablespoon (8") x 4
    • Teaspoon (7 1/2") x 4
    (34-406) Exotique Platinum 20pc
  • Exotique Platinum 5pc
    5 serving pieces
     (34-031) Exotique Platinum 5pc
    US $39.99
    Exotique Platinum 5pc
    • Serving spoon (10 1/2") x 1
    • Sugar spoon (5 1/2") x 1
    • Slotted spoon (10 1/2") x 1
    • Butter knife (8 1/2") x 1
    • Serving fork (9 3/4") x 1
    (34-031) Exotique Platinum 5pc
  • US $14.99
    Exotique Platinum Cocktail Forks (4)
    Length = 5 3/4"
    (34-908) Exotique Platinum Cocktail Forks (4)
  • US $14.99
    Exotique Platinum Minispoons (4)
    Length = 5 1/4"
    (34-906) Exotique Platinum Minispoons (4)
  • US $14.99
    Exotique Platinum Spreaders (4)
    Length = 6 3/4"
    (34-105) Exotique Platinum Spreaders (4)

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