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our story

"It is our
touch and
our real
care that

Everybody wins, or no deal! Gourmet Settings has been in business
since 1994 and that's what we've always insisted.
We partner with retailers to bring design-driven solutions to market.

It is our great people, our passion, our original thinking, our pursuit of innovative solutions and our constant striving for perfection that has made us the industry leader. It is our personal touch and our real care that defines us. We create beautiful, quality fine flatware that really works. This has won us accolades, attention and, quite frankly, a whole lot of imitators! (We take it as a compliment.)

we're obsessed

We're obsessed by flatware. At Gourmet Settings, we think that every time you eat with friends and family, your knives, forks and spoons should bring a little dash of joy. We're a bit nutty that way. We know it's just flatware, but you use your knives, forks and spoons three times a day, 365 days a year. Why shouldn't every time bring a smile to your face?

our people

We care. We try. We promise. Everybody at Gourmet Settings thinks as a team. Designers, suppliers, everyone in ordering, in sales and in management - everybody cares what you think. We are always trying to make our products and services better. Please get in touch and let us know what's on your mind and how we are doing.


our price

Things should be well-priced, whether they're top-of-the-line goods or for everyday use. We know you have lots of choices and there's lots of competition. You shouldn't pay anything but the best price, so we work hard all the time to bring our great flatware to you at a great price.

our style

Things should be beautiful AND practical. That's the challenge and that's what we love.
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