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Carry On - Small Gravy Ladle

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  • Rose Murphy


    I purchased my original set of this flatware from Costco about 10 years ago. Over the years I wished I had purchased another set, but lost track of the manufacturer name. Finally found it and ordered 2 more sets. I was hesitant because I wanted the same quality and weight, and thought that maybe these would be thinner and lighter. I was so happy when I opened them and found the exact quality and weight that I have appreciated all these years. This flatware is my all time favorite with its minimalist design, quality and heftiness.

  • Frans Weits


    A versatile fork for apps, desserts and kids Holds up to commercial application and dishwashing machines. Solid.

  • Marilyn Vejdani


    I purchased a 45 piece set at a local store and I was so impressed with the design, strength, and balance of the silverware that I went on line and bought another 45 piece set so I would have place settings for 16. It is modern in design and I hope this will be the last everyday set of silverware that I will have to purchase. I love it.

  • Olga Madimenos


    Made in Canada.


  • Alan Apel


    I purchased the Carry On a number of years ago for their simple design and excellent construction. My wife thought we had lost a few pieces so I was happy to find I could still get additional sets. We found the lost pieces so we now have an additional set of a great product. I would highly recommend these to anyone.

  • Amy Tyler


    This has been my cutlery for the last 7 years and I just purchased more. It's aesthetically pleasing and feels so substantial in your hand. I actually can't find anything negative to say. I get so many compliments on it and hope to have it for life.

  • derek allard


    my wife and i love this flatware. we bought a set when we were married 10 years ago and it has held up great. just ordered another set so we have more for when we have guests (and when we're too lazy to run the dishwasher).

  • Kathy Brostoff


    This has been our all-time favorite modern beautifully designed stainless pattern. When we began entertaining more in our new home, I was pleased to find that the pattern is still in production and ordered 4 additional place settings. While the pattern is the same, it is clearly lighter in weight and/or differently balanced than our original 8 place-setting flatware--not a lot, but definitely noticeable.

  • Samantha Baxter


    I bought a set of Carry On when they were featured in Lucky magazine probably about ten years ago. I've moved twice since then and lost a couple of pieces. I was so thrilled to find they still make the line and it matches the old set (no design changes). It lasts forever, even under constant use, and still looks dynamite. And the price is perfect. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for cutlery that is stylish and durable.

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